Easily file with Indiana courts.

In 2018 you will be able to start a lawsuit by filing electronically. All Indiana courts will provide access to a court case management system, e-filing service providers, and e-filing management software.

This means that anyone will have what is needed to start a lawsuit or respond to one over the internet!

How much will it cost? The system will be provided at no-cost. Aside from the court costs that are required by law or third party service fees (e.g. credit card transaction fees). Plus you'll save by reducing the need for costly paper copies, postage and trips to the clerk's office.

Though the system is not up and running yet (as of 2015), it is expected that e-filing will be in all Indiana courts by the end of 2018. For more information visit the Indiana court's website.

Daniel Zamudio

I am a patent attorney and have experience litigating in federal court.