Helping low income people apply for legal services.

What happens when the economically disadvantaged members of our community need legal assistance? Indiana offers legal assistance, for civil cases, to those that are at or below the poverty level. Often the largest obstacle to getting this legal help is the application process. Though we cannot represent a client for free, our attorneys offer assistance to help financially challenged families apply for help.

Generally, the work we do is related to a proper and guided intake. This is the meeting where we are assisting low income clients to complete applications. Generally this takes about 30 minutes. Often our attorneys may be the first person to really listen to one of the many people who seek state funded legal assistance each year.

What we will do is gather basic background information about you and your legal problem. Most importantly, we listen to a person's problem and prepare a written application for the legal services staff to review.

Most of this intake is done at or office for a small fee. For more information on assistance with applying for legal assistance you may contact us directly.

Daniel Zamudio

I am a patent attorney and have experience litigating in federal court.