Making your Invention

Through experience I've learned that inventors are extremely hands on when creating. They alone think through every detail of their invention. How does it work? What materials are involved? Who can use the product best? Inventors answer these questions in their unlimited imaginations.

Soon, often when coming to meet me for patenting advice, they need to put pencil to paper and start designing and manufacturing. Inventors are daunted by this prospect, they are comfortable to create, but not to produce or sell their invention. They should either delegate the task of production, or get really good help.

Often a patent attorney works hand in hand with engineers, manufacturing experts, and marketers. Your patent attorney can be a valuable resource for information and can usually handle the details of design and production for inventors. That work is done for a fee in addition to the engineers and manufacturers. This delegation works well for seasoned inventors, but 1st time inventors may need some encouragement. There are mentors available.

There is an organization, a ServiceCorp of Retired Executives, that offer their time and expertise. Usually they provide their service without charge. Though, we recommend that inventors who meet with an executive pick up the lunch tab.

If you are not ready to delegate the design and engineering phase of your product, then search for a mentor that suits your need right away. Take them out to lunch and ask intelligent questions. Do this with the goal of getting more comfortable with the manufacturing process. Search for one here:

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Daniel Zamudio

I am a patent attorney and have experience litigating in federal court.