• Indiana Supreme Court

  • 7th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Northern District of Indiana

  • Northern District of Illinois

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office


  • The John Marshall Law School, 2007

  • University of Illinois, 1989


  • United States Air Force veteran

  • Indiana Licensed Foster Parent

Daniel Zamudio
Patent Attorney


Attorney Zamudio is experienced at litigating cases in Federal Courts. He has expertise in defending Intellectual Property cases before the Federal District courts in Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. When clients are sued for trademark or patent infringement, they can benefit from his years of experience in the Federal District courts defending such cases.

Too, Mr. Zamudio assists clients bringing lawsuits for Employment Discrimination. These cases usually involve discrimination at work due to the person’s age, race, gender, or religion. He also helps clients with retaliation lawsuits against their employers. Such retaliation usually happens if a client complains to their boss of discrimination at work and the company, because of that complaint, does something that affects the client’s job adversely.

Dan also assists clients who have had their constitutional rights violated and want to bring suit because of that violation.


With his expertise in business and intellectual property law he helps protect IP assets using patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Clients trust him to give sound and reasoned legal guidance concerning their best practices.

Attorney Zamudio prepares patent applications for his clients. Providing legal guidance to entrepreneurs and inventors in bringing their products to market.

He helps inventors protect their inventions. His experience in several areas of technology both in the private and government sectors, diverse experience and knowledge in many technology fields - from clinical engineering to computer systems design - means he has the tools necessary to protect his clients’ inventions.


Mr. Zamudio attended the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois, where he received his degree in Bio-medical engineering.  He graduated from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

Attorney Zamudio would be happy to meet with you and evaluate your case. He offers a complimentary thirty-minute consultation to new clients by appointment at his office in Griffith. You may contact him at (219) 924-2300 or via email at